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at the terms of a new economic force in the world. they probably need the african governments to safeguard what they have one after years, decades, a couple centuries to european powers and make sure they do not sell them, but as far as economic trading relationships are concerned, material, in exchange for technology, in exchange even for political alliances, i always wondered about that. tavis: made the argument is because free enterprise and colonization sometimes goes hand in hand. in africa and parts of the world under the guise of free enterprise. >> unfortunately, it does not stand the test of argument. if you say it is a free market. then they must leave the african countries to seek the best conditions for their own development. there are similar aspects of chinese policy, backing some very villainess governments, but that does not mean we should repeat. tavis: the u.s. has been guilty of it as well. >> france, england, germany, the u.s., of course, even the soviet union. >> -- tavis: that is my point. everybody seems to be guilty of that over the course of history. i am glad you took
strength? >> you want to favor the systems. unfortunately, the more the government becomes intrusive, the more things have to follow a script. it cannot handle this type of system. we are in a situation today where a lot of countries got there because of trial and error. it does not work that way. there are other problems involved, which is a moral hazard. in the past, people were harmed by their own mistakes. today, we're starting to see a wedge between those who benefit from a mistake and those who are harmed by it. bankers, for example, are not harmed by their mistakes. we have a lack of skin in the game. the world is not as stable as i would like to be. tavis: is that why you argue that bankers should not receive bonuses if they take federal funds? >> bonuses for bankers from allies is the system. someone has an upside -- on the other hand, they transfer the downside -- april 15, we pay for bankers' bonuses in directly. a lot of the problems we have today comes from that structure. the system became very fragile because some people had a vested interest in engaging in risky strat
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)